Pennsylvania’s Best Playground: Kids Castle

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Imagine having this castle at your local park! Just over 25 miles north of Philadelphia, the small borough of Doylestown, Pennsylvania sits along State Highway 611. Doylestown itself has some historical significance, but the real gem for families is the Kids Castle in nearby Central Park. This monumental piece of playground equipment attracts visitors from all across the United States.

Bringing Local History to Life

Kids Castle is a playground that helps bring Pennsylvania’s history to life for local children as well as far-flung visitors. Built in 1997, the Kids Castle is styled after the works of notable engineer and architect Henry Chapman Mercer. Mercer was born in Doylestown, and in the early 1900s designed three impressive stone structures in his hometown that are still standing:

  • Fonthill – where he lived
  • Moravian Pottery & Tile Works – where he manufactured his tiles
  • Mercer Museum – where he stored his comprehensive collection of pre-industrial tools and artifacts

Features of the Kids Castle Historic Playground

Sporting pyramid-topped spires and numerous windows, this is a playground that leaves an immediate impression. Upon closer inspection, numerous pieces of children’s artwork can be seen on and around the castle.

Doylestown PA Kids Castle CloseupImage Source

Don’t think for an instant that this is just an oversized playhouse. Besides the castle, there are over 40 different things to play with nearby, from spring riders and tire swings to a whilrligig and rock climbing wall. In fact, visitors often report their kids never want to leave!

Safety, Reconstruction, & Expansion

Despite the impressive appearance and great popularity of the castle, the all-wooden construction has led to some challenges as it has aged. In order to maintain the look and safety of the structure, a three-phase plan was started in 2012 to refurbish, expand, and enhance the Kids Castle playground.

Thanks to generous donors across the nation, all of the safety issues have been addressed with the original castle. With continued support, the park plans to add even more impressive play structures. While this specific castle is intended for older children, they are planning to add a play area for smaller children under the age of 5.

Doylestown PA Kids Castle RearImage Source

If you ever find yourself in Pennsylvania, be sure to take your kids to this playground! I’m sure it’s something neither your kids nor you, will ever forget. But, if your kids are a little too small to enjoy this park, you could always get them a castle for your own backyard.

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