Little Tikes Town Playhouse: It’s All About Imagination

When you’re shopping for a playhouse, you want something that will keep your little ones busy for hours. Inside and out, the Little Tikes Town Playhouse provides ample stimulation to encourage imaginative play.

With this playhouse from Little Tikes, kids can pretend to be Mom or Dad by mimicking adult tasks, such as putting gas in their little play car and even grocery shopping. Out back, they can practice their aim with their mini-basketball set. With so many different activities to choose from, your kids will struggle with deciding what to play next! Check out Amazon for great deals on this playhouse.

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How Difficult is Assembly?

Let’s be real. No matter how awesome a toy is, if putting it together requires 6 hands or takes all day, you’d rather know before you’ve spent hundreds on a contraption to entertain your kids, right?

The instructions for this Little Tikes playhouse seem confusing at first, especially since it’s all mostly pictures and very few words. Luckily, the big pieces are all easy to identify and only snap together in a particular way. If you have trouble snapping in a few of the plastic pieces, here’s a pro tip: use dish detergent!

There are lots screws holding together the interiors shelves and the roof, so be sure to have a regular or electric screwdriver handy. Installing the basketball net seems to be a bit of a trick, but overall, most parents report that assembly was easy. With the right tools, you should be able to put together this playhouse in well under 3 hours. The average time is about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

What’s Included with the Little Tikes Town Playhouse?

With the actual playhouse, you’ve got a different activity on each wall, both on the inside and the outside! To go along with each activity center, there are also some decal stickers. Unfortunately, many parents find that they fade over time or simply fall off and get lost.

The roof and window shutters help protect any toys that accidentally left in the playhouse from getting completely soaked in the rain. Inside, there’s a corner shelf for storage. The sports area of this playhouse comes with a small ball, a basketball hoop and a soccer net that you attach to the outside. It also has a play phone outside, and there’s even a decorative chalkboard in the school area.

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Does it Make Any Sounds?

No, this playhouse does not have any parts that light up, make sounds, or require batteries. Some parents, however, have successfully installed a cheap wireless doorbell or even a little LED push light to make the playhouse even more irresistible.

Is There a Floor? Where Should I Put This?

The playhouse does not include a floor. However, depending on where you’re planning on setting it up, you could add your own flooring. Although not strictly necessary, old carpet and interlocking rubber playmats make a great flooring material for playhouses.

The playhouse has a very small footprint, taking up an area that is 5 ft x 4 ft. Just like the Classic Castle, as long as you’ve got a clear area that’s 17 ft long x 16 ft wide, the kids will have plenty of room to safely maneuver in and out of the playhouse.

Though the playhouse is meant to endure outdoor conditions, it can also be installed inside or on a patio as long as you’ve got the right amount of space. Putting it out of direct sunlight will help prevent the colors from fading.

Does It Get Hot Inside?

Unlike many playhouses that have small windows and only one door, this playhouse has lots of ventilation to prevent hot air from building up inside. Each of the four walls includes one or two large openings, allowing even the smallest breeze to be felt on the inside.

What Are the Different Play Areas?

The Little Tikes Town Playhouse has everything your child needs to reenact the people and activities they see in real life on a daily basis.

What’s on the outside:

  • Gas Station Wall Includes: a play gas pump, a crawl-through tunnel in the shape of a tire, a play phone, and other gas station themed details molded right into the plastic. While no vehicle comes with the playhouse, there are several great options out there. For many kids, a souped-up red wagon may be just as exciting as a car.
  • Sports Wall Includes: a ball, a basketball hoop, a soccer net that doubles as extra ventilation, and targets for other ball games. This is especially great for any children with older siblings who are involved in sports.
  • Supermarket / Bank Wall Includes: Drive-up window with clear, see-through shutters, an ATM machine, and molded-in fruit & veggie baskets. As with the gas station, a play vehicle of some variety will bring this to life even more. Once your kids start to use this part of the playhouse more, it can be a great springboard to start teaching them about money.

Let’s take a look at the inside:

  • Kitchenette Wall Includes: very detailed area all molded right into the plastic.
  • Schoolhouse Wall Includes: a chalkboard, a corner table, mail slot that opens and closes, and molded-in school bell, alphabet, and numbers.
  • Workshop Wall Includes: detailed molds of a few hanging tools and drawers.
  • Supermarket / Bank Wall Includes: built-in shelves to set play food, a safe, and a molded-in cash register. This combines so well with the drive-through window on the outside of the house!

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How Long Will the Little Tikes Town Playhouse Last?

This playhouse has plenty that toddlers will love right away and lots to encourage little kids to play together. The interior is quite roomy, with the center of the room almost reaching 5 ft high.

So, while tots and preschoolers will find the activities in this playhouse most engaging, older kids can squeeze in too to play with their younger brothers and sisters. Some parents find that their kids still enjoy playing in this playhouse almost a decade later!

While the heavy-duty plastic that the playhouse is made of is weather-resistant, parents have been disappointed with the dull colors. On the plus side, the dull colors resist fading over time. And if you really want to brighten up the playhouse, you can always spruce it up with new UV-resistant paint.

Here’s a look at the newly painted fruits and veggies on the Grocery side:

Little Tikes Town PlayhouseImage Source

Unfortunately, there are also lots of complaints about the durability of the decal stickers. It’s only a matter of time before the stickers peel off – sometimes as soon as the first rain if left out in the open, or maybe a few years if you keep the playhouse on a covered porch or patio. If you’re planning on keeping the playhouse outdoors, you can forego using the stickers. You can also order replacements from Little Tikes whenever they fall off.

Where Should I Buy?

Although the Little Tikes Town Playhouse is very popular, the box does not fit in standard-sized cars, SUVs, or station wagons. The only way you could pick this up in-store from Walmart, for example, is if you have access to a truck.

This makes getting it shipped to you all the more appealing. Due to demand, at the time of this review (April 2016), Little Tikes was actually back-ordered for several weeks. Luckily, there’s still a handful of sellers over on Amazon that still have this playhouse in stock. Some are even offering free shipping!

Bottom Line

The Little Tikes Town Playhouse is one of the best playhouses for small kids. With so many different activities packed into only 20 square feet, it’s ideal for small yards, patios, or even indoor playrooms. With a high ceiling, older kids can still hang out and play with their smaller siblings. And, with the imagination you’ve helped to foster, your older kids will get even more out of visits to themed parks like this one.

If you’ve got multiple kids with a few years between them, this playhouse could see almost a decade of use before you pass it along to another family. The exterior colors may fade from sitting in the sun, and the stickers may fall off, but you can keep your playhouse looking new by setting it up in the shade, replacing the stickers when they peel off, or even painting over the plastic.

Stickers falling off of an outdoor playhouse or the lack of color should definitely not deter you from purchasing this playhouse for your kids. If you’re really feeling adventurous and want to make the most out of this playhouse, you should definitely consider painting it yourself. The results are fantastic!

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