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Backyard Discovery Sonora Swing Set and its Best Alternative

If you’ve been looking for the Backyard Discovery Sonora Swing Set, undoubtedly you’ve had a hard time finding it. The vast majority of retailers no longer carry it because the manufacturer has discontinued it. However, as of this writing (June 2016), there is still one left in stock on Amazon. But is the Sonora swing set worth the price? After piecing together all of the info and reviews for this wooden playset that were scattered all over the net, I share my thoughts on its value. In addition, I’ll provide you with the best alternative that is available on Amazon in case that last Sonora swing set has been sold before you were able to make your purchasing decision.


A Child’s First: The Backyard Discovery Summer Cottage Playhouse

A playhouse is often the very first major piece of play equipment that a parent buys for their child. With so many brands and types of playhouses for sale, but so few detailed reviews, it can be hard to judge what is going to be a great value for the price, and what is going to be a waste of money. After many hours of learning about the Backyard Discovery Summer Cottage Playhouse from various sources, I am able to share with you all there is to know about this wonderful outdoor playhouse. To see some great deals on Amazon for this playhouse, click here.


Little Tikes Town Playhouse: It’s All About Imagination

When you’re shopping for a playhouse, you want something that will keep your little ones busy for hours. Inside and out, the Little Tikes Town Playhouse provides ample stimulation to encourage imaginative play. With this playhouse from Little Tikes, kids can pretend to be Mom or Dad by mimicking adult tasks, such as putting gas in their little play car and even grocery shopping. Out back, they can practice their aim with their mini-basketball set. With so many different activities to choose from, your kids will struggle with deciding what to play next! Check out Amazon for great deals on this playhouse.


Little Tikes Classic Castle: The Playhouse Your Kids Never Forget

With realistic-looking stone walls, the Little Tikes Classic Castle inspires playful imagination. The Medieval theme encourages games of knights, kings, princesses, and even pirates. Its small footprint makes it great for tiny backyards. However, this means that kids may quickly outgrow it. If you’re considering getting the Little Tikes Classic Castle Playhouse for your kids, read on to learn more. If you’re in a hurry, you can find great deals for it right now on Amazon.


In-Depth Parents’ Guide to the Little Tikes 8 in 1 Playground

As you may have discovered, the Little Tikes 8 in 1 Playground is one of the most popular outdoor playsets for little kids on the market. But what exactly makes this playground so popular, both with parents and kids? We’ve taken the time to read and learn what other parents have to say about the Little Tikes 8 in 1 Adjustable Playground. We plan to answer all the questions you have right here. In a rush? Click here for the best deals on Amazon for the 8 in 1 Playground.


Don’t Buy the Little Tikes Tropical Playground Without Reading This First

If you’ve been recently looking to purchase an outdoor playground for your kids, you probably have noticed that only a few places still sell this classic Little Tikes outdoor playground. Does this mean this Little Tikes outdoor playground is just an exceptionally rare gem or is it a lump of coal retailers (and parents!) would rather not mess with? Read on to learn more about this playground, like why this playground is so hard to find, how to set it up, whether you should use it indoors or out, and even where to buy it (like Amazon).


Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for the Little Tikes Treehouse Swing Set

You probably know by now that finding detailed information about the vast number of swing sets online is a challenge. Now that you’re here, I’m happy to say that the work has been done for you. Thanks to some detailed research, this article will tell you everything you need to know about the Little Tikes Treehouse Swing set, including where to get a great deal on it. Image Source

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