10 Dream Playsets That Will Make You Wish You Were A Kid Again

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As we all know, convenience is often king in the world of parenting. We’ve spent a lot of time on this site talking about playsets that are be bought and assembled in a few hours. Sometimes, parents take it to the next level, both in time and creativity. Here are 10 examples from around the web to inspire you.

Club-house-playset-1-900x698Image Source
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Bright colors, sturdy construction, and loads of activities! This playhouse is well-made by an experienced DIY aficionado. The “CLUB House” sign by itself likely took a few hours to complete. The finished product instantly speaks for itself: a classic A-frame swing set attached to a two-story playhouse. Attention to detail shows throughout.

Solid wood has been used everywhere, from the front door to the shutters to the planter boxes on the second story windows. The second level, which can be reached either by standard ladder or by a rock climbing wall, lets kids view the nearby mountains through a small telescope. The large yellow tube slide is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages, and the bare interior means imagination is the only limit for play on the inside.


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What an efficient use of space! This playhouse is great for all kinds of “monkey business,” with more climbing options than many parks have. Aside from the wide assortment of monkey bars, you’ve got a fireman’s pole, a knotted rope to swing from, and a rock climbing wall. The ladders provide an easier way to climb up to the second level.

On the ground floor, the door and windows are done in a nice mint color, which is repeated up top. When your little ones are tired of scaling and descending the main attractions here, there’s plenty of room left to play house.


Bluebird-TreehouseImage Source

For some parents, having a playset that looks like a tree is not enough. Truly a treehouse, this enterprising builder created a deck with a hole for an existing tree, which brings nature up close for the children. As you can see in the photo, it’s big enough for several kids to enjoy at the same time.

While an unstained wood would have looked great, the deep red brings this playset to the next level. The blue accents (which are smartly coordinated with the disc swing, bucket, zipline, and other playthings) really pop in this setup. One touch I didn’t even notice for several moments is the light installed on the tree, which means this can also be illuminated at night.


943f3d284e8cfad9afabbdd08759ef77Image Source

It’s amazing what some well-placed lighting can do. While I have no doubt that this playset is great looking during the day, this playset is so well-lit that kids would have no problem playing even on a moonless night.

This set is wide enough to accommodate a variety of swings, but the centerpiece is the two-story fort. A long green wavy slide gives the play area some depth, and both front and rear climbing entrances give kids multiple routes to take when playing. The whole array is surrounded by plenty of mulch. No grass stains!


SMC_3949Image Source

At first glance, this playhouse/swing set combo is a little more minimalist. Natural wood contrasts against the colored trim on doors and windows. What I love about this is that the shapes are all the same color: The rectangle at the top is green, the two square windows are blue, and the three red circular porthole windows are red. This means that even before the kids are climbing up the rock wall to the second floor, shapes and colors can be  taught with the same tool.

The slide on the left side is a nice touch, and the platform swing between more traditional swings is a great additional that many sets don’t have.


il_570xN.799951030_rtg1Image Source

This one is certainly for the adventurous! Bright orange, blue, and green provide a decidedly cartoonish look to this fun playset. Visually, it’s extremely well executed. Everything is slightly off, from the dimensions of the faux windows and fencing, down to the support beam on the swing set’s framing. It’s wonderfully unique and playful, even before you touch it!

The knotted rope is secured firmly to the fort, allowing kids to practice climbing and repelling down the left side. A sandbox on the bottom means shade for the thoughtful task of building sandcastles. Along with two swings and a monkey bar, this is a well-rounded offering with artistic flair.


modern playhouse angle

Image Source

This playhouse doesn’t have as many features as some of the others on the list, but what a stunning piece of work! A simple slide and covered sandbox are a great start for any play area, but it’s clear the parents have done a lot of planning here. Incredible wooden siding and a sloped metal roof give a professional look, and wait–is that a coordinating curtain? I think it is!

It’s obvious that the tree in the foreground will grow right up alongside the structure, which means the appeal will actually increase with time.


playhouse_zps80d8e403Image Source

This is a cozy cottage if I’ve ever seen one. Warm wood tones, intricate features like finials on the stair posts and diamond details on the fenced-in look for the top balcony, and a long, lazy slide make this comfortable to look at. There’s a mailbox next to the stairs, which can be a lot of fun for kids wanting to play house, and the trellis against the stairs provides ample room to grow English ivy or another climbing vine.



Image Source

With a setup like this, don’t be surprised if your kids are inviting friends over for their own soiree! String lights along the wire-enclosed upper deck give an easy, lounge-style look. Folding chairs mean this is a great area to gaze out across the neighborhood–even for adults!

Down below, the miniature hutch provides storage for toys or a place to “prepare” play meals for the plastic dining table nearby. Send anything from secret messages to a bottle of water up and down using the tethered bucket, and take a gentle slide down when you’re done for the day.



s-l1600Image Source

This is a great idea for any aspiring young pirates in your family. From the sandbox beach, kids can climb their way up the rope netting to the ship’s main deck. If another ship is sighted with the mounted telescope, the raiding party can quickly descend the slide.

The swings, climbing board, and enclosed playhouse undoubtedly provide fun for more than just pirates. Still, part of me thinks there should be a flagpole on this set!

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